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Hartley Yacht Charters
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Meet the Hartley Team

The professionals at Hartley Yacht Charters are dedicated to your complete satisfaction. We have the expertise to guide you throughout your charter experience from start to finish.

Hartley Yacht Charters has operated Charter Brokerage since 2006. As longtime experienced sailors and adventure sports enthusiasts, Susan brings a multitude of charter and business experience to Hartley Yacht Charters.  Susan and her husband have owned and operated Catamaran Yacht Pride, a 57 ft. Lagoon throughout the Caribbean for over 15 years.

Cynthia Hartley Bultler

Meet Susan 

Susan Hartley Churchill, RN, 50 T. USCG Licensed Captain, Acclaimed BVI Chef, International Yacht Charter Broker

As a Charter Broker, Susan displays her expertise in business as well as her excellent human relations and yachting knowledge throughout the booking process. 

 Book the Vacation of a Lifetime

Please contact Susan